Design and Manufacture of Injection mold

01Design of Injection mold

From sample molds for small-lot production to mass production molds for large-volume lots, we provide mold design to suit the needs of our customers.
We can provide a wide range of injection molds, including internal diameter screw molds, insert molds, hot liner molds, heat-hardened resin molds, and quenching molds. We have a long history of producing molds for a variety of genres, including molds for automotive parts, consumer appliance parts, plastic parts for residential housing, consumer lifestyle products, and more.
We also can produce sample products via 3D printing. We can design molds for any type of customer.

02Mold making

Reliable technology cultivated over 50 years of experience.
We provide one-stop production, from base machining to cavity and core production, polishing, and mold assembly. We have established a complete structure for providing high-quality products.
We also work with partner manufacturers to enable flexible responses to the budget and delivery needs of our customers. Feel free to consult us!