Mold Repair


For those who need help with mold repair or overhaul

Having trouble finding a place to repair the mold due to the closure or bankruptcy of the mold maker

The mold broke during molding, and we need a quick response.

We need retexturing because the grain was damaged

We are looking for a place that can repair hardened and thermoset molds.

We need you to repair the inside diameter screw type.

We are having trouble finding a place that can repair a mold without a drawing.


Technology cultivated through our dedication to mold production over three generations

Currently, much machining work is conducted automatically using a program but at the time of our establishment, we produced molds manually using milling cutters and chisels. Today, we combine our expert manual skills to provide mold repairs and overhauls.

Why people choose us


Suggestion of repair method

Molds get damaged for any number of reasons, and repairs can be extremely complex. We meet with customers to discuss their needs and propose the optimal repair method.


Prototype molding after repair is possible.

We conduct sample forming (try) to test the repaired mold so customers are able to evaluate the mold for production results after the completion of repairs. This eliminates the need to change molding production plans due to a repaired mold no longer achieving the proper dimensions.

Let us help you with your mold problems

Difficulty in dealing with mold manufacturer repairs

With the decline in the number of mold manufacturers, there has been a decline in the number of technicians available for repairs.
As mold repairs require the stoppage of mass production, we hear from many manufacturers concerned about the time and repair skills required.
We are able to provide express support so feel free to contact us.

Fix the mold during the holiday and mold it after the holiday.

Need holiday repairs so you can avoid shutting down production? Feel free to consult us with any concerns.

I'm having trouble with inside diameter screw type repair.

Internal diameter screw molds are complex and require regular maintenance to the formation of protrusions and nonconforming products.
Feel free to consult with us concerning maintenance for internal diameter screws and other types of molds.

Types of molds that can be used

  • Mold size can be up to 1.5 tons in weight

  • We can handle molds without drawings and molds manufactured overseas.

We will have a detailed meeting with you in order to eliminate any problems after the repair is completed.

Supported Area

We can provide repair services
for customers all around the country.

We can provide mold analysis for customers farther away by using photos, video, or via Zoom.
We can provide repair services for customers all around the country.

*If we are unable to properly analyze a mold via images, video, or Zoom,
we may ask you to send the mold to our company.
*The customer must bear the cost of shipping.

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